To give the community a sense of hope and optimism by creating a broad base of community involvement in identifying, researching, and establishing dialogue on community-wide issues, and then in recommending and helping to implement timely solutions.


By 2015 the Public Policy Institute was recognized regionally as a significant leadership organization that continually helps to improve our community by identifying and researching the major issues that are negatively impacting our quality of life, and by identifying and supporting the implementation of viable solutions to address those issues.



  • To provide formal and informal networks within which individuals may come together to share their knowledge, resources and experiences
  • To periodically identify a short-term community project that can be accomplished in a 12-18 month period with meaningful results
  • To provide a process where community leaders can work through problems, and participate in open discussions (conferences and seminars)
  • To involve a broad range of individuals in the process in order to generate dynamic, synergistic, creative and catalytic leadership in addressing each critical issue, and to provide "stay-in-place" solutions
  • To create a shared sense of community, in that any issue must be addressed, discussed, and debated in an atmosphere of mutual fairness, respect, civility and sincerity with all others - where the highest aspiration is to serve the common good